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Why you need a Bookkeeper

Time is money, and your time is valuable. 
A bookkeeper can help you make sound financial decisions, prevent costly mistakes, and save you both time and money.


A bookkeeper can help you stay organized and make sure you are keeping track of everything.


A bookkeeper can help you find ways to save money and make your business more efficient.


A bookkeeper can help you track your expenses and income so you can make more informed business decisions.


A bookkeeper can help you make sure you are following all the regulations and filing requirements for your business.


A bookkeeper can handle all the bookkeeping tasks so you can focus on running your business.

Time is Money. Save both with Trusted Bookworks
Ute Nehm
Ute Nehm

Since I began my career we've come a long way, ditching the shoeboxes and evolving to cloud based bookkeeping. I've loved the QuickBooks Online platform ever since I first started working with it. Yes, there are a few other good options out there, but I decided to be an expert in one instead of a generalist in all. This allows me to support my clients growing their business in the most constructive way.

Altogether I have over 25 years experience in bookkeeping and accounting on two continents.  

Services We Offer
Accounts Payable

I help a company keep track of its expenses, and cash flow.

Accounts Receivable

I help you understand your company's cash flow and incoming payments. 

GST/PST Filing

I track your tax liabilities and prepare your Provincial and Federal statements

Bank Reconciliation

I'll keep your books aligned with the bank statements.

Credit Card Reconciliation

I balance your credit card statements against your records and receipts.

Document Management

Ill help you store, share, and track electronic and paper documents.

What People Say

Ute has served our mutual clients well for many years. She is competent, conscientious, timely, and produces high-quality work. She’s easy to talk to and a definite asset to anyone who would engage her.


ADEPT24 Business Solutions Inc.

I highly recommend Ute to anyone who needs help with bookkeeping and/or payroll. She is most knowledgeable and professional in her work and has a lot of experience in different businesses to offer which makes it easy to communicate with her.

Hartmut F.  

Business Owner