Our Services

Accounts Payable for small business


Accounts payable is an important part of any business. It is the system that allows you to track and pay the money you owe to your suppliers. By keeping your accounts payable up to date, you can manage your expenses to make sure they are under control and allocated properly.

Accounts Receivable small business bookkeeping


It is important to have an up to date insight into your accounts receivable in order to manage your cash flow and understand your overall financial stability. When you know the status of your accounts receivable, you can take proactive steps to improve your liquidity and get paid quickly.

We file your GST and PST taxes


I'll file your GST  and PST remittances either monthly, quarterly or annually. Remember, the return must be filed even if you did not collect any GST. I'll set you up for electronic filing which is faster and more accurate, so you can receive credit or refunds more quickly. 

Bank Reconciliation for small and medium sized businesses


In order to ensure the accuracy of your financial statements, it is important to perform a bank reconciliation on a regular basis. I'll help you identify differences between your company's records and the bank's statements, to prevent discrepancies and prevent fraud.

credit card reconciliation


Credit card reconciliation is important to ensure that you are not being overcharged for items or billed for items you have not purchased. Reconciling your statement can help you identify any fraudulent charges and allow you to stay on top of your credit card usage.

We maintain your General Ledger


Your general ledger provides an at-a-glance view of your company's finances and tracks the flow of money in and out of your business. It is is the foundation of your company's accounting system. I will keep your general ledger up to date and ready for your accountant or tax preparation specialist.



Despite QuickBooks' wide range of features, many businesses find the software difficult to use. I can help your business get set up with QuickBooks, or update and manage your existing QuickBooks program. As a QuickBooks expert, I can help you take advantage of all that QuickBooks offers to manage your finances and save time.

Document management


I'll help you implement a document management system for organizing and tracking both electronic and paper documents. The goal is to make it easy to find and use the documents you need, when you need them. You can save time and money, avoid missed opportunities, and prevent legal problems. 

Bookkeeping Training


I can teach you the basics of bookkeeping and how to maintain accurate records for your business. This will help you keep track of your expenses, income, and liabilities. It will also help you make better business decisions by providing accurate information about your business' financial status.